Dressing the Window

At Frugal, we create amazing window displays (if I do say so myself). Some are solo inspiration and execution, others are team effort. Our latest one is the latter. And I LOVE it!

Frugal mannequins set blazers to stun

Frugal mannequins set blazers to stun

window thrift vintage display star trek

Felicia is badass!

blazers window display star trek

Set Blazers to Stun!

display mannequin window thrift vintage

Penny is so badass!

I had decided to feature blazers in the window. We have a great stock of them and they’re perfect and chic for fall. So I tossed around some puns: Trail Blazers, Just Blazer, Blazers of Glory… Then I asked my 16-year-old son to throw out a couple, because he is a wordplay master. Right off the cuff, he says, “Set Blazers to Stun.”

“Thank you,” I said, “we’re done here.” Cue mid-century dime novel space theme. I lined the whole window in foil, dressed Penny and Felicia (yes, our mannequins have names) in sequins and sparkles, and added sensible blazers all around. So quirky, so solid. Add my eight-year-old’s spray-painted super soaker water gun, and we are all stunned.


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