Vintage Clothing Labels: Half the Fun!

As I research vintage clothing, and as I fall more in love with the process of preserving pieces and passing them on to new owners, one thing in particular stands out for me: the labels.

The graphic design is amazing, the names are hilarious, and the dating effect perfects the garment. Two of my favorites are “Sir for Her” and “Lady Manhattan,” which I’ve found on frilly, bow-neck blouses designed for serious working women. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Some others that mean business:

Some that are here for fun:

And others I just plain like:

And then there are occasional labels that would never fly today. This Levi’s one inspired this post. I know it means you could bend over in these comfy pants, but it reads like an imperative:


And this one

Made me say

Will I continue to search out amazing vintage labels? IMG_3320[1]

Check out Vintage Fashion Guild‘s website for a comprehensive resource and countless label galleries!